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  • 散文汉译英佳作赏析:贾平凹《丑石》

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    丑石  An Ugly Stone  贾平凹  By Jia Pingwa  我常常遗憾我家门前的那块丑石呢:它黑黝黝地卧在那里,牛似的模样;谁也不知道是什么时候留在这里的.谁也不去理会它。 只是麦收时节,门前摊了麦子,奶奶总是要说:这块丑石,多碍地面哟,多时把它搬走吧。   I used to feel sorry for that ugly black piece of stone lying like an ox in front of our door; none knew when it was left there and none paid any attention to it, except at the time when wheat was harvested and my grandma, seeing the grains of wheat spread all over the ground in the front yard of the house, would grumble: "This ugly stone takes so much space. Move it away someday.  "于是,伯父家盖房,想以它垒山墙父亲的散文诗简谱,但苦于它极不规则,没棱角儿,也没平面儿;用赘破开吧,又懒得花那么大气力,因为河滩并不甚远.随便去掬一块回来,哪一块也比它强。   Thus my uncle had wanted to use it for the gable when he was building a house, but he was troubled to find it of very irregular shape, with no edges nor corners, nor a flat plane on it. And he wouldn\t bother to break it in half with a chisel because the river bank was nearby, where he could have easily fetched a much better stone instead.  房盖起来,压铺台阶,伯父也没有看上它。 有一年,来了一个石匠,为我家洗一台石磨父亲的散文诗简谱,奶奶又说:用这块五石吧,省得从远处搬动。 石匠看了看,摇着头,嫌它石质太细,也不采用。   Even when my uncle was busy with the flight of steps leading to the new house he didn\t take a fancy to the ugly stone. One year when a mason came by, we asked him to snake us a stone mill with it. As my grandma put it: "Why net take this one, so you worst have to fetch one from afar." But the arson took a look and shook his head; he wouldn\t take it for it was of too fine a quality.  它不像汉白玉那样的细腻,可以凿下刻字雕花,也不像大青石那样的光滑,可以供来院纱捶布;它静静地卧在那里,院边的槐荫没有庇孤它,花儿也不再在它身边生长。 荒草便繁衍出来,枝蔓上下,慢慢地,竟锈上了绿苔、黑斑。 我们这些做孩子的,也讨庆起它来,曾合伙要搬走它,但力气又不足;虽时时咒骂它,嫌弃它,也无可奈何,只好任它留在那里去了。   It was not like a fine piece of white marble on which words or flowers could be carved, nor like a smooth big bluish stone people used to wash their clothes on. The stone just lay there in silence, enjoying no shading front the pagoda trees by the yard, nor flowers growing around it. As a result weeds multiplied and stretched ail over it, their stems and tendrils gradually covered with dark green spots of moss. We children began to dislike the stone too, and would have taken it away if we had been strong enough; all we could do for the present was to leave it alone, despite our disgust or even curses.  稍稍能安慰我们的,是在那石上有一个不大不小的坑凹儿,雨天就盛满了水。 常常雨过三天了.地上已经于燥,那石凹里水儿还有,鸡儿便去那里渴饮。 每每到了十五的夜晚,我们盼着满月出来,就爬到其上,翘望天边;奶奶总是要骂的,害怕我们摔下来。 果然那一次就摔了下来作文,磕破了我的膝盖呢。   The only thing that had interested us in the ugly stone was a little pit on top of it, which was filled with water on rainy days. Three days after a rainfall, usually, when the ground had become dry, there was still water in the pit, where chickens went to drink. And every month when it came to the evening of the 15th of lunar calendar, we would climb onto the stone, looking up at the sky, hoping to see the full moon come out from far away. And Granny would give us a scolding, afraid lest we should fall down--and sure enough, I fell down once to have my knee broken.  人都骂它是丑石,它真是丑得不能再丑的丑石了。   So everybody condemned the stone: an ugly stone, as ugly as it could be.  终有一日,村子里来了一个天文学家。 他在我家门前路过,突然发现了这块石头,眼光立即就拉直了。 他再没有走去父亲的散文诗简谱,就住了下来;以后又来了好些人,说这是一块陨石,从天上落下来己经有二三百年了,是一件了不起的东西。 不久便来了车,小心翼翼地将它运走了。   Then one day an astronomer came to the village. He looked the stone square in the eye the moment he came across it. He didn\t take his leave but decided to stay in our village. Quite a number of people came afterwards, saying the stone was a piece of aerolite which had fallen down from the sky two or three hundred years ago-what a wonder indeed! Pretty soon a truck carne, and carried it away carefully
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