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    生活在社区里的孩子们生活单调:几乎不认识周围的邻居感恩的心作文,没有兄弟姐妹。 社区负责人黄叔叔注意到这个问题感恩的心作文,于是向大家征集解决问题的建设性意见。假如你是Li Ping, 请你写一篇80词左右的邮件向他提出你自己的'建议。





    Dear Uncle Huang,

    Thank you for reading my e-mail! I am living in this community. I don’t have any sister or brothers. I also have no friends here. Luckily, you want to help us. Here are my suggestions.

    First, we can organize the children in this community to clean up our neighborhood. Through this activity, we can know each other and make new friends.Second, I hope we can be offered a room to do homework, and then we can help and learn from each other.Third, I think we can ask children to join our Youth Club. We can take part in a lot of interesting activities, such as holiday camps and discos, regular visit to the old people, evening parties and concerts.

    Our life will be fun and colourful.

    Best wishes!

    Yours truly,

    Li Pin

    美丽的谎言作文 in 感恩的心作文 秋天的落叶作文 文员工作总结
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