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    as the winter vacation is drawing near, i have a plan about my vacation. i"m going to do what i want to do. i"m going to study harder in order to get good grades in the following term. after finishing all my homework, i"m going to enjoy myself in the sea of knowledge. reading must be a good idea. i"m going to keep fit at the same time. i"ll get up eary in the morning everyday and play sports. i really love sports. besides that, eating a balanced diet is also good for my health. i"m going to help my mom and dad with the housework as well in the vacation.i"ll learn to cook. as for travelling, i"m planning to go to hainan. but whether going there or not will be decided on the weather.during the vacation,i"m going to learn more about history,as i"m really poor on it.

    沈从文作品 中学生作文大全 ing the 高一英语作文
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